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Saturday, 17 December 2011


#Some people may say that they really don’t have intention to hurt others. But, the way they talk, act and treat others unintentionally hurt others, and even create hatred and resentful !

They never realize, if they don’t want to be hurt by others, they have to start to treat others with respect , sincere and dignity !! Otherwise other people are going to avoid to communicate with them ! They forgot that the holes in fence are still exist forever, even after they lifted out the nails from fence . 

The fence appearance will never remain the same as before ! It’s the same analogy for the way they hurt others !! They simplify their thought : after made mistake(s) and hurt others deeply, say ‘sorry’ is more than enough to cover their guilty feeling !!! But actually it is not enough !! More important thing : whether they show their repentance or not, and not create next victims !

And I could not forget things happened in the past, because together with present, and future,..like or dislike, sweet or bitter, they become part of my life ….!! I don’t want to hide it,…nor pretend to have a ‘perfect’ life

I learned from experience happened in my life, that life is not about ‘take and give’,….but more about ‘give, give, give... and (sometimes) take’ !
I am ready to give more without expecting to take it from same person….because more evidences that I’ll take something from others whom I never gave before.

Yes, we all are growing older, but becoming mature is a choice !! One thing I always remember : I will be walking , and treat others with respect and dignity
Because what comes around goes around.

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